• Why my appliance smokes?

    Possible reasons:

  • What is a properly connected appliance?

    An appliance connected to the chimney in accordance with the Manufacturer's instructions.

  • What is a defective chimney?

    • Chimney made of low quality materials (asbestos-cement boards or sheet metal tubes)
    • Chimney of inadequate height
    • Chimney of inadequate diameter
    • Chimney inadequately located, i.e. surrounded with high buildings, trees or other obstacles hindering air circulation around the top of the chimney
    • Chimney installed below the roof ridge
    • Poorly plastered chimney with joints through which the outside air penetrates the chimney and intersects the flue gas flow
    • Chimney without a cleanout door or with inadequatelly installed cleanout door
    • Poorly maintained, not regularly cleaned chimney with creosote and soot build-up, reducing its diameter and hindering the flue gas flow.

  • What are adverse weather conditions?

    Adverse weather conditions in this context mean the weather conditions that adversely affect the fire startup. Such conditions include relatively high outside air temperatures, particularly in the afternoon. In such a case, prior to lighting the fire it is necessary to warm up the chimney to a temperature above the outside air temperature.

  • Inadequate fresh air supply

    The room, in which a heating unit is installed, should have a sufficient fresh air supply to support good combustion, particularly during the fire startup. If the air supply is not sufficient, a door or a window should be left open for some time.

  • Why the grate burns out fast?

    Failure to empty the ash tray regularly. When the ash build-up is in contact with grate, the latter can not cool down and therefore burns out.

  • Why certain parts of the firebox get damaged?

    Firebox components get damaged when a stove is forced to generate heat significantly exceeding the maximum temperature recommended by the Manufacturer, i.e. when it is subject to excessive refuelling in order to heat a space that is too large as compared to designed heating output of that particular stove type.

  • How to clean enameled cooker?

    When lighting the fire in the morning, while the plate is stil tepid, clean it with a dishwashing liquid and sponge. Then wipe off with a dry cloth.

  • How to keep the glass clean?

    If fuel of recommended quality is used and if the chimney is properly designed and maintained, the combustion will be good and the glass will not stain. For normal periodical cleaning use ordinary window cleaning liquids.

  • How to maintain stove furnaces that are not enameled?

    With fireproof Thermodur paint which is available from all authorised Services in 0.75 kg packages or 400 ml spray bottles.

  • Where I can buy spare parts?

    Spare parts are available from the Manufacturer as well as from all authorised Services.

  • For how long the Manufacturer grants spare parts supply?

    For the entire lifetime of a product, i.e. for a minimum period of seven years from the date when the last unit of a particular model was sold.