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PLAMEN is a factory located in Požega, the heart of Slavonia. Since its foundation in 1922., the factory has a long tradition in the manufacture of cast iron products. It is one of the largest foundries and the manufactures of household heating appliances in the Republic of Croatia.

Plamen d.o.o.

Njemačka ulica 36

HR-34000 Požega


VAT number: HR02367452074

The foundry produces a variety of iron castings of quality grade EN-GJL 200 and EN-GJL 250 for the Company’s own needs as well as for its customers, up to 20.000 tons per year. It is specialised in the manufacture of thin-wall castings and castings used as components for cookstoves, heating stoves and boilers. More than 90% of its casting output is exported on the EU market.
The tradition of know-how and skill, combined with modern technology, have been the basis for the development of this factory of household heating appliances, reaching an annual output up to 40,000 units. Solid fuel burning appliances —heating stoves, cookstoves and fireplaces make the major part of its manufacturing range. The company operates under EN ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 standards.

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