Calorex 100

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Calorex 100 is a wood cooker of modern technology and design with a long and verified tradition in quality. It is designed to take up little space while still retaining a spacious oven. Made of high quality cast iron and enamelled lateral panels, it guarantees long-lasting and safe use. Possibility of connection to the chimney from the top and back side.
Dimensions (WxHxD) Dimensions (WxHxD) 585 x 895 x 645 mm
Rated output Rated output 7.5 kW
Maximum output Maximum output 10 kW
Weight Weight 138 kg
Heated space Heated space 150 m3
Fluepipe Fluepipe Ø 120 mm
Fule loading opening dimensions (WxH) Fule loading opening dimensions (WxH) 220 x 145 mm
Firebox dimensions (WxHxD) Firebox dimensions (WxHxD) 240 x 260 x 385 mm
Owen size (WxHxD) Owen size (WxHxD) 400 x 250 x 390 mm
Energy efficiency Energy efficiency 80.8 %
Additional extra air inlet Additional extra air inlet Ø 80 mm / 220 mm
Standard Standard EN 12815
Energy label Energy label A+
EU Regulation 2015/1185 EU Regulation 2015/1185 +